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How do I download an MP3 ?

It's simple, just click on "Write here the title, artist, etc." write the title of the song or artist name, then click search videos or search for playlists...
in the search results, each video found it has a button which says "Download the MP3" click there, and wait for the video to be converted to mp3 ...
when the mp3 will be ready will be saved (usually) in the folder "Downloads" of your computer or android smartphone.
If you're using an iphone, this requires a Google account, or Dropbox. at the time of the download, the file will be saved in the cloud on google Drive or Dropbox.
There is an app in the apple store that will sync files to the cloud and lets you download them, so you can listen offline when you want, for info on the app click here

Typical question : but is it free ?

Answer: Yes, it's free ;-)

But what is the microphone next to the search bar ?

Sing me the song that you have in mind and I will be able to recognize the text and find the song you want to download
I don't care if you're in tune, we are not to xfactor ;-)
unfortunately, I do not recognize the anchors in the local dialect, but if you want to try do as well ;-)

Available options to download MP3

-Increase the volume of the song
-Cut the beginning and end of the song

From here you will be able to...

Download MP3 and video from youtube and from other sites
Download Youtube playlist
Download mp3 or video of a Youtube channel
Download mp3 or video of a Youtube user

I can not download, give me error what should I do?

The site when the error shows me a notification so I can check what happened and try to fix it as soon as possible..
also available is a chat ( when enabled ) to ask for support or to report defects. I welcome criticism and ideas, so if you notice that something is missing from the site tell me and I'll create it ;-)
note : This site is hosted on an Italian server, so if you're a user that drains from abroad, you may have problems because youtube blocks with different content

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